American horror story critica

American horror story critica

American horror story critica 2021

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The first season of the spin-off of ‘American Horror Story’ has arrived after some great and groundbreaking seasons that were changing narrative in each block of episodes. A Disney+ premiere that can be seen from September 8. The series, which will have a total of seven episodes, is produced by the creators of the original production, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

In the first proposal a picturesque but not frightening house is the scenario to which a homosexual couple moves with their daughter. A house that has the reputation of being the «most famous haunted house on the West Coast» because of the deaths that have occurred there. The couple wants to do business with that popularity, there, in the country where one of the biggest holidays is Halloween. A leather costume (very much in tune with the classic visual style of the series) appears in the new home and strange things begin to happen.

Just as it happened with Chucky, Annabelle or other famous objects of the horror imaginary an object returns and returns attracting the protagonist. The scares and tricks are quite classic: how many times have we seen the typical ball that lands on its own at the protagonist’s feet? Still, there is value in the homosexuality story that follows the ‘Wild Nation’ vibe and introduces the ‘Kill Bill’ whistle, using it more in relation to the movie that song actually comes from, ‘Twisted nerve’.

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The emergence of American Horror Stories , a spin-off where each episode explores a different scary plot, could solve the shortcomings of the parent series. By compressing all the action into 50 minutes could it survive the franchise’s characteristic creative disinterest?

This step in the right direction collapses this week with a continuation of the same story. It purports to portray macabre young love but ends up being a cocktail of unsympathetic people, with no texture to the atmosphere and no original ideas or new ways to examine horror. It’s routine, has wasted talented actors and a woeful performance (that of Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber).

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The spin-off of the acclaimed ‘American Horror Story’ attempts to revive the success of ‘American Horror Story: Murder House,’ an arc that has been exploited to the limit and feels repetitive. The anthology series achieves its best moments when it incorporates comedic storylines.

Those of us who follow Ryan Murphy’s work know that there are three hallmarks of his output. The first, of course, is his strong beginnings: not for nothing has he managed to establish himself as one of the most prolific directors and creators on the American scene -there’s his contract with Netflix. The second is the unnecessary lengthening of his series: although ‘Glee’ still divides opinions, most recognize that it had about five seasons left over. And the third hallmark is its inability to ground its stories: great beginnings – unnecessarily lengthened or not – fail to conclude in a satisfactory way, as their endings always feel rushed.

If anything characterizes the ‘American Horror Story’ universe, it’s the latex suit that Tate (Evan Peters) wears in ‘American Horror Story: Murder House’. In fact, it was known from the trailer of this new anthology that the first season of the series that started this franchise would have an important role, as the animation of the latex suit appeared, although the silhouette indicated that this time it would be worn by a woman.