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Anne with an E (initially titled Anne in the first season) is a Canadian television series adapted from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s 1908 children’s literature classic Anne of Green Gables. It was created by Moira Walley-Beckett for CBC and starred Amybeth McNulty as the orphan Anne Shirley, Geraldine James as Marilla Cuthbert, R. H. Thomson as Matthew Cuthbert, Delilah Bela as Diana Barry and Lucas Jade Zumann as Gilbert Blythe.

Anne with an E received positive reviews and won the Canadian Academy of Film and Television Award for Best Drama Series in both 2017 and 2018. The series tackled a myriad of issues[1] such as orphanhood, child abandonment, psychological trauma, social problems such as pressure for conformity, gender inequality, racism, religion, and freedom of expression.[2][3][4]

While Matthew decides whether he would like her to stay, Marilla seems to disagree and distrusts Anne given her status as an unknown orphan and considering her of little use. Her distrust seems confirmed when Marilla is unable to locate a brooch, leading her to believe that Anne is a thief. The Cuthberts “return” her to the orphanage, but when they arrive, Anne refuses to enter, terrified by the memory of the abuse she has suffered there, so she returns to the train station. Meanwhile, Marilla discovers that the brooch was lost and not stolen by Anne and that prejudice had led her to believe that Anne was a thief. Matthew finds Anne and convinces her to return to Green Gables, where she is officially made part of his family. However, Anne continues to face bullying from students at Avonlea School and classroom discrimination from Diana’s parents and others in the community. Once again, Anne returns and tries to be accepted by the rest of Avonlea, using her coping mechanisms: intelligence, problem-solving skills and imagination.

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L. M. Montgomery’s novel Anne of Green Gables recounts the adventures of Anne Shirley, an 11-year-old orphan mistakenly sent to a pair of siblings who intended to adopt a boy to help work on their farm in Prince Edward Island.

Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942) is considered one of the great Canadian writers of children’s literature thanks to the saga of the Anne of Green Gables novels, title of the first of the books and with which she began writing. Montgomery was a teacher in several schools in her province of birth, Prince Edward Island. She was awarded the Order of the British Empire.

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Ana de las Tejas Verdes es una novela de 1908 de la autora canadiense Lucy Maud Montgomery (publicada como L. M. Montgomery). Escrita para todas las edades, ha sido considerada una novela infantil clásica desde mediados del siglo XX. Ambientada a finales del siglo XIX, la novela narra las aventuras de Anne Shirley, una niña huérfana de 11 años, que es enviada por error a dos hermanos de mediana edad, Matthew y Marilla Cuthbert, que en un principio tenían la intención de adoptar a un niño para que les ayudara en su granja de la ciudad ficticia de Avonlea, en la isla del Príncipe Eduardo (Canadá). La novela narra cómo Ana se abre paso en la vida con los Cuthbert, en la escuela y dentro del pueblo.

Desde su publicación, Ana de las Tejas Verdes ha sido traducida a al menos 36 idiomas y ha vendido más de 50 millones de ejemplares, lo que la convierte en uno de los libros más vendidos en todo el mundo[4]. La primera de una serie antológica, Montgomery escribió numerosas secuelas y, desde su muerte, se ha publicado otra secuela, así como una precuela autorizada. El libro original se enseña a estudiantes de todo el mundo[5].

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Anne of Green Gables has a Dickensian plot, very much in the style of the time. However, it is one of those stories that transcends due to a costumbrist and funny touch that reminds us of movies like Little Women and that catches us due to the brave, sensitive and imaginative spirit of its protagonist.

Anne is impulsive, stands up to boys, walks on rooftops and, although she tries to behave according to social norms, she is always a notch wilder and not desperately looking for a man to court her. Anne is different from the others.  And although she takes refuge in her imagination to resist life’s challenges, she never loses her optimism and values the simple and important things that surround her.

The series, with a brilliant cast and lyrical cinematography, narrates the adventures of Anne Shirley, an orphan who, by mistake, is adopted by the Cuthbert siblings: Marilla (Colleen Dewhurst, winner of three Emmys for Road to Avonlea) and Matthew (Richard Farnsworth, star of David Lynch’s A True Story), who live on the Green Gables farm in Avonlea, a small town on Prince Edward Island.