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With an irreverent personality, his statements have gone beyond the world of film criticism, and he was sued by coach José Mourinho for calling him a “Portuguese Nazi” when he was coaching Real Madrid. Boyero won the lawsuit[citation needed].

“His trade is to spit at the firmament, his vice to vomit in the medals, his brown grammar and his talent grow in the heat of battles. He exhibits a patchy pedigree, he goes skidding in a forbidden direction, he cannot conceive love without chipping, nor Bob Morrison Brel without bad life. No matter how many times the same cable crosses us, neither I lose the desire to embrace him, nor he tarnishes my pluck. The World would be less passable if there were no impostors like Carlo(s) signing the Boyero’s column.”

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This is promising. It has only just begun; but it promises. Pedro Almodóvar is mad as hell. He didn’t like the criticisms that Carlos Boyero and Borja Hermoso (journalists of ‘El País’) have made to ‘Broken Embraces’ on the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival and he has put both journalists on a donkey’s back in his personal blog. (Borja Hermoso and Almodóvar go way back, as Bobpop told us some time ago).

Everything comes because Boyero (who personally seems to me one of the best film critics in this country) in an article written for ‘El pais’ on the occasion of the screening of ‘Broken Embraces’ in Cannes reaffirmed how little he had liked Almodovar’s film, of which he had already published a negative review a few months ago, and confessed that he had passed to see the film again. With irony, Boyero made statements such as these:


Almodóvar says that when he said that he was referring to “Boyero’s attitude, and to the macabre style displayed by the Head of Culture of our country’s main newspaper”. After describing Boyero’s chronicles as “trash journalism”, the film director responds to Boyero’s chronicle entitled No soy masoquista, no quiero ver otra vez Los abrazos rotos (I’m not a masochist, I don’t want to see Broken Embraces again).

“I don’t give a damn whether Boyero is a masochist or not, whether he has one testicle or four, or the brand of moisturizer he uses. Since he is paid to report on the films competing in the festival (even if he has seen some of them before, he cannot know the reaction of the press if he does not attend the screening), the fact that he is not a masochist should not exempt him from this obligation”, begins Almodóvar, who continues his rant against Boyero and El País:

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“My signature always had readers, even if some of them remembered my family,” he admits, before considering that “Pedro J. could be evil, but above all intuitive and very intelligent,” for which he expresses “much respect” before “the talent of such a complex character.”

“I think I have earned the right to say goodbye to you. A matter of form, of gratitude, also of anticipated nostalgia, of losing something that occupied my life and gave it a certain balance,” he goes on to explain.

“From now on,” Boyero says goodbye, “I will have infinite time to throw crumbs to the birds and watch the urban landscape from a bench,” although he clarifies that “I will continue with the movie business.