Como ver la casa de papel sin netflix

Como ver la casa de papel sin netflix

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There is also a leaked video in which both actors are seen filming several scenes that give rise to many hypotheses. In it you can see a lot of complicity between their characters, sharing laughs and relaxed moments in the streets of Portugal. The same complicity that Silvestre and Corberó have outside the film set, as we could see in the pictures of both of them during the shooting.

Patrick Criado and Pedro AlonsoNot long ago came to light several images of Patrick Criado and Pedro Alonso, ‘Berlin’ in the series, in what looks like scenes from the season 5 of ‘La casa de papel’. These images are the ones that gave more certainty to the theory that Criado would be the son that Berlin had with Tatiana.

In the images we see that Pedro Alonso’s character remains faithful to the elegance that characterizes him and that, on the other hand, Patrick Criado wears a more geeky look with glasses, cap and bandolier. There was a theory that Criado could be a new ally of the gang who had previously worked with Berlin as these images would correspond to the past, but finally it has been confirmed that they are father and son.Álvaro Morte and Pedro AlonsoThere have also been some images of Álvaro Morte on the set of filming with Pedro Alonso, El Profesor and Berlin, respectively. Everything points to the fact that as in the case of the images with Patrick Criado, Alonso will return to the fifth season in the form of flashbacks in scenes with his brother. Months ago, images were also leaked of both of them filming in Florence, which supports this theory since the past of both of them takes place in Italy.

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If you want to watch La casa de papel you should know that you will enter the world of robberies, crime and much worse you will be on the verge of a nervous breakdown at every moment. The professor, leader of this group, is the thinking head that will make several people with nothing to lose get hold of the Mint and Stamp to steal it in a very unusual way.

The professor’s mind will always be one step ahead of the police, but… Will they finally manage to pull off the heist successfully? What will happen to the gang once it’s all over? Do not hesitate to press play and start watching La casa de papel!

If you want to watch La casa de papel, you can do it from different devices such as Smart TV, tablets or Smartphones with iOS or Android operating system. You can also enjoy the series from your computer, by contracting Movistar or Orange services.

Currently, Netflix has the distribution rights of La casa de papel. In its catalog you can find these seasons, to watch them whenever you want and from the device of your choice through an Internet connection.

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Netflix has not made fans wait long to know the release date of the 5th part. At the same time that the release date for part 1 was announced, Netflix announced the release date for part 2.

We are very happy that Netflix is releasing part 2 pretty quickly after part 1. Sometimes, fans have to wait more than six months for the final episodes, so I’m glad that won’t happen with Money Heist. In fact, we’ll get to see the series finale relatively soon.

Overall, however, the second part of the season has more or less the same cast as the first part, barring any major character deaths. Even if characters die, we might see them return in flashbacks. We’ve already seen that happen several times in the series so far.

Netflix will definitely wait a while before releasing the Money Heist season 5 part 2 trailer. The earliest we will see the Money Heist season 5 part 2 trailer is during TUDUM, Netflix’s event scheduled for Saturday, September 25. 25, 2021. Money Heist is going to be involved, so we have to imagine Netflix has something big planned for the series.

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‘La casa de papel’ is just one step away from reaching its end on Netflix. This past December 3 we were able to see the first part of its fifth season, which opted for an explosive denouement to leave us eager to find out how the story of the Professor’s gang will close.

For the rest, the final batch of episodes will have to raise the intensity to see if the gang led by the Professor succeeds in its mission. It’s not going to be easy, even though they have managed to contain the threat posed by Tamayo to some extent.

It also remains for us to discover what exactly is the connection of the Berlin plot with what is currently happening, if any, of course. The most logical thing would be to assume that the character played by Patrick Criado will help the gang in some way. Otherwise, there is little point in giving so much weight to the past if its influence on the present ends up being nil.