Curiosidades de the walking dead

Rick grimes

The series features a large cast as survivors of a zombie apocalypse, trying to stay alive under the near-constant threat of attacks by the mindless zombies, colloquially known as “walkers.” However, with the fall of humanity, chaos reigns on the planet, and various groups and communities (with their own sets of laws and moral values) emerge in hopes of helping each other and surviving.

The series focuses (at least in the beginning) on Deputy Sheriff “Rick Grimes” (Andrew Lincoln), who awakens from a coma. While in a coma, the world has been taken over by “zombies”. After waking up, he becomes the leader of a group of survivors in the Atlanta (Georgia) region, as they try to sustain and protect themselves from both “walker” attacks and other groups of survivors (willing to use any means necessary to stay alive).

To accentuate the sense of verisimilitude of the characters, the production team kept the original clothing from every first appearance of all the characters, which continues to be used in every episode.

Walking dead extras

When Robert Kirkman published “The Walking Dead” in 2003 under the Image Comics label, little did he imagine that his creation would become a true international phenomenon, with a television adaptation that has managed to exceed ten seasons, generating two spin-offs (and other projects on the way).The AMC series is preparing to return with new episodes of the extended tenth season, in addition to preparing the scripts for the final season, stoking the anxieties among fans. In addition, the imminent return of Rick Grimes in a movie for theaters is being prepared.  You might also be interested in: 5 great series that were unjustly cancelled.

Since its inception, many people have wanted to be part of the ranks of extras in the series, which has proven to be far from easy. After going through a rigorous process in which the zombie walking technique and guttural vocalization skills are qualified, those selected must go through exhausting days of makeup in each episode, which can extend to more than six hours per extra.


The Walking Dead has had a transit through television as hard and painful as the existence after the death of its zombies. After arriving on television and becoming a television phenomenon, the production has gone through all kinds of stages that include seasons with very low ratings, very high points in the plot, others definitely low, the loss of several of its iconic characters and an uncomfortable inertia that has nothing to envy to the audience’s favorite monsters.

But despite everything, the final run led The Walking Dead to a new reinvention that, as it could not be otherwise, is part of a whole second plot air that surprised the audience. The series based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book saga tries to prove that it can go beyond the loss of its central characters, and be something more than a good memory in the collective memory.

To accentuate the sense of verisimilitude of the characters, the production team kept the original clothing from each first appearance of all the characters, which continues to be used in each episode. But the case of Rick Grimes is emblematic: actor Andrew Lincoln kept the black jeans and light blue underwear he wore in the pilot and continued to wear them in each season of the series.

How many zombies are in the walking dead

Like any series, before its production it is offered to several television networks, and The Walking Dead was no exception. Before being accepted by AMC, the series was offered to HBO. But HBO rejected it, as they considered it a “rather violent” series for their viewers. That’s how AMC ended up getting the series.

Looking like a “non-live” you could say it’s pretty easy, but it’s not. In this sense, the production company is quite demanding and has certain precautions for those who participate in the series in this role. They must practice certain movements, during filming they cannot speak or blink their eyes. On the sets, the actors have no relationship with “the living”, either at mealtimes or in the sleeping quarters. The fact that if someone blinks or the sound is heard on television is added later in the editing sessions.

Many scenes in the series have been filmed in Georgia forests, and this is where a problem originates. For it seems that these forests are full of ticks that attack the actors, which is quite a nuisance for them.