Dragon ball super 119 sub español completo

Dragon ball super 119 sub español completo

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At the beginning of Dragon Ball Super chapter 119, in the middle of his fight against Vegeta Catopesla is pushed out of the arena by an invisible force, and Vegeta is about to meet the same fate, but he manages to react in time. When Gohan is about to fall Piccoro manages to catch him.

Universe 4 apparently has several aces up its sleeve. The first warrior seems to be invisible and to defeat him Gohan throws blasts on the sand, causing the dust to give away the location of Gamisalas, who after that was easily eliminated by Piccoro.

Then on Quitela’s orders, Shantsa uses his magic to create solid illusions of the fallen warriors from the tournament, however, Piccoro only senses Shantsa’s ki, which he manages to spot and eliminate him. Although the illusions disappear, Piccoro is attacked by another invisible being, and is pushed out of the arena. Thus Piccoro becomes the fourth warrior eliminated from Universe 7.

Chronologically, Dragon Ball Super is set about six months after the defeat of Majin Boo (Dragon Ball Z), when the Earth lives in peace and tranquility. It reconstructs the events in Dragon Ball Z: Kami to Kami (Battle of the Gods) and Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F (The Resurrection of F).

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Synopsis: The Tournament of Power comes to an end with an epic battle in which the most powerful warriors of the surviving Universes overcome all limits. The Tournament of Power enters its final stretch with only three surviving Universes: the Seventh Universe of Goku, the Eleventh Universe of Jiren and the Third Universe with its superior science that allows for a quadruple fusion. With 7 minutes left on the clock, Goku challenges Jiren and the proud Vegeta joins the fight, but even the combined power of the two Saiyans cannot break the invincible warrior. Meanwhile, No. 17 and Freeza stand up to Toppo, forcing him to ascend to the level of God of Destruction. In the end, it all comes down to Goku, who finally manages to awaken the Ultra Instinct, and Jiren, whose power seems to have no limits. Which of the two Universes will survive, and what wish will the winner make with the Super Dragon Balls?

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Katopesla and Vegeta exchange powers, a powerful beam against the Final Flash. Vegeta manages to push Katopesla to the edge of the platform and was about to fall but suddenly an invisible opponent finishes pushing him.

Picoro and Gohan seem to be the first to understand this. So they seek to avoid the battle and try to locate Samsa and they do it by jumping up in the air so when they find him he is expelled from a beam of power by Picoro.

So Goku has the idea of hitting the ground so that the vibrations make him jump and Android 17 tries to catch him with his force barrier so it gives very good results and they manage to expel him with a blow.

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Episode 118 of Dragon Ball Super has concluded with an enormous force. The Tournament of Power has claimed two victims: Universe 2 and Universe 6, leaving the competition with far fewer candidates for victory. Things are about to conclude, as there are only a few minutes left for it all to end, and it seems that the next victim is going to be part of Universe 7; the one of Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, the one we all know.

Universe 4 could be the author of this elimination. As the YouTube channel Los Pezones de Monaka advances us, the preview of chapter 119 does not fail to show us how an invisible force hits the protagonists, with special emphasis on a Vegeta who is attracted by an invisible force and could be taken out of the combat arena. The Saiyan Prince would leave the tournament without starring in a fight at the height, something that would not sit very well with Dragon Ball fans.

There are many more possibilities, it is even possible that in the end the protagonists manage to get out of trouble and end the threat of the Universe 4 team. Whatever the case, they have to hurry because the tournament has only 13 minutes left, and there is still no clear candidate for winner beyond the menacing Jiren.