Ernesto alterio la que se avecina

Ernesto alterio la que se avecina del momento

ernesto alterio

The shooting murder of the Narcos production assistant put the continuity of the series in a fourth season up in the air. However, the news that the project is finally going ahead came from the most unexpected place: Bertín Osborne’s program on Telecinco Mi casa es la tuya.Atresmedia starts shooting the film ‘Rumbos’, with Carmen Machi and Karra Elejalde.

Shooting has already begun on the film Rumbos, produced by Arcadia Motion Pictures, Jano Pictures AIE and Atresmedia Cine. The film is directed by Manuela Moreno and stars Pilar López de Ayala, Carmen Machi, Ernesto Alterio, Karra Elejalde, Miki Esparbé and Nora Navas, among others.

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“CHRONICLE OF A STORM”, debut film by Argentine director Mariana Barassi, has participated in the Opera Prima Section of the XIX edition of the Almeria Film Festival. The film also participated in the last Malaga Film Festival.

“CRONICA DE UNA TORMENTA” is based on the play “Testosterona” by Sabina Berman and alongside the two leading actors Ernesto Alterio (“Lo dejo cuando quiera”, “La sombra de la Ley”, “Perfectos desconocidos”) and Clara Lago (“Gente que viene y Bah”, “Ocho apellidos catalanes”, “Ahora o nunca”, “Ocho apellidos vascos”) is Quique Fernández (“Ira”, “Migas de Pan”, “Los Comensales”).

Antonio (Ernesto Alterio), the director of an important newspaper must choose his successor: Maca (Clara Lago), a woman who believes in cooperation among the members of the company and not in verticality at work, will compete against the other deputy director, Vargas (Quique Fernández), a manipulative journalist who knows it all.

Maca has been Antonio’s favorite disciple since college, and they are also united by a platonic love, but although she seems the ideal candidate for the job, Antonio doubts about her ability to handle power.

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Ernesto Alterio has done double duty at the Malaga Film Festival. If on Sunday we saw him presenting “Un mundo normal”, yesterday it was his turn for “Crónica de una tormenta”, starring Clara Lago. The Argentinean actor is going through a great professional moment and, despite the difficult times we are living through because of the pandemic, he is chaining one project with another.

– ERNESTO: It is a very particular proposal, an adaptation of a play and the film is supported by the work of an actor, an actress, in this case Clara and I, and for me that was like a challenge. Imagine that we shot scenes of 18 pages at once, it was all in one set, a challenging proposal in that sense and well, I’m happy with the result.

– ERNESTO: Yes, it is a play that has a lot of thematic richness in that sense because all the issues that are settled between these two characters over the course of one night are locked up in the editorial office of that newspaper because of a storm and in fact my character is the director, he has to choose a successor, he is evaluating Clara Lago’s character and there all these issues are settled that have to do with the difference in sex, what happens to women to occupy high positions.