Game of thrones houses logos

Game of thrones houses logos

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It is the main noble house of the North of Westeros and has many vassal houses. Its stronghold is Winterfell, its coat of arms an ashen direwolf passing over a silver field, and its motto is: «Winter is coming».

By the time the novels begin, House Stark and its vassals are part of about half of the territorial expanse of Westeros, although much of these lands are sporadically inhabited and are mostly isolated from the southern regions thanks to the swamps of the Neck.

Roose Bolton, who has been appointed the new Warden of the North by the Iron Throne, marches to Winterfell to take possession of his new title with his legitimate bastard son, Ramsay. Lord Roose orders Winterfell to be rebuilt and Ramsay moves in with his new wife, «Arya Stark», who in reality is the young Jeyne Poole, who is passed off as Arya as a way of legitimizing the Boltons’ new rule over the North and Winterfell.

game of thrones houses

Current Rank: 1Starting Rank: 9At the beginning of the saga, this ancient ruling family of Westeros is homeless, subject to repeated assassination attempts and in possession of little more than a famous name, and three dragon eggs. The eggs are considered to be nothing more than worthless curiosities. So, the poorest of the main Game of Thrones family sees its fortunes change drastically.In addition to the dragons, the most valuable assets in the world, Daenerys Targaryen arrives at the final chapter of the story as mistress of Casterly Rock – of House Lannister – and the cities of the Slave Bay. She also has a strong fighting force. While not necessarily relevant to our final assessment, Daenerys also controls the fortress on the island of Dragonstone, which sits atop a potentially valuable commodity: vidriagon.

Current Rank: 4Starting Rank: 4The Starks and their vassals may control more land than anyone else, but it is sparsely populated and difficult to traverse. Natural resources, such as timber, iron and silver, are opportunities for development, but limited manpower and winter will curtail such efforts. Like Siberia, the North is as difficult a region to fight in as it is to develop.This resource wealth allows them to overtake House Greyjoy at the end of season 7, despite the winter discount in the value of their lands. The Starks still have access to trees and other natural resources, despite a fighting force depleted by war.

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The long-running HBO series Game of Thrones came to an end in early 2019. It left us with memories of an addictive show that kept us in suspense as it came to a climactic end. The logo created for Game of Thrones is one of the most iconic of this generation. All the elements of the logo work together to send a message to the audience that followed the series. To fully appreciate this ornate logo, we must understand the history of Game of Thrones and the rich symbolism captured in the various aspects of the logo itself.

99 Designs sums up the history of the franchise very well. The complicated histories of the seven houses lead us to a series of individual stories that combine to create an epic era in a fictional fantasy that reflects on medieval times. Game of Thrones is the inspired work of the novel series «Song of Ice and Fire». The noble families that occupy the Great House rule each of the seven kingdoms on the fictional continent of Westeros along with their lesser houses that hold lands within the various kingdoms.

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