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Almost without realizing it, the sixth season of Game of Thrones is coming to an end. After the airing of episode 6×08 titled “No One”, we get the preview of the next chapter called “The Battle of Bastards” and it promises to be one of the most shocking of the whole season.

Knowing that the title of episode 6×09 is “The Battle of Bastards”, little is left to the imagination as the adversaries are preparing for a battle. Jon Snow finally realizes what he has to do and without flinching he plants himself in Winterfell, which was his home until he marched to the Night’s Watch and intends to recover by force.

Not only because she wants to avenge all the atrocities of the past and rescue her brother, Sansa felt outraged after her marriage and wants to return to Winterfell as Lady Stark. Jon believes he can win that war but it is better not to underestimate Ramsay Bolton, we all know the atrocities he has been capable of for a long time and it is better not to underestimate his fierceness.

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According to the official synopsis of ‘Battle of the Bastards’, “as the Starks prepare to fight, Davos (Liam Cunningham) loses something dear, Ramsay plays a game and Daenerys faces a decision.” In addition, HBO shared a cryptic line that reads as follows, “the terms of surrender are rejected and accepted.” Is this a joke? No. In fact, it sounds like something Ramsay would say to taunt Jon, Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) and his army. Ramsay believes he has the upper hand because he not only has the walls of Winterfell (Winterfell) to protect himself, but also Rickon (Art Parkinson) as collateral. Also, with the Karstarks, Umber and other houses as allies, his hosts are more numerous than Jon’s, regardless of whether the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch has the ‘wildlings’ and the giant Wun Wun (Ian Whyte) on his side.

Also, from what we have seen in the trailer, Jon and Sansa seem to disagree on the best strategy to defeat the Boltons and when the battle begins, despite the bravery of the Stark warriors, with Davos and Tormund (Kristofer Hivju) ahead, it is clear that the invaders have the upper hand, so Jon looks perplexed, almost lost. Is the war lost?

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Besides, in this episode nothing is left over, not an arrow, not a death, not a badly resolved story. I have already commented on occasion, the episodes in which the action is concentrated on a few characters are the most lucid, not only for the story but for what they allow. This time the focus was on two very different battles: Mereen and Westeros. Precisely for having focused the episode on these two scenarios, the story is not left unfinished and with that feeling of coitus interruptus that sometimes remains to the viewer when they make us go through the entire length and breadth of the map of Westeros. “Battle of the Bastards” is a round episode and one of the best (if not the best) of the series.

In addition, the Greyjoy brothers arrive in Mereen more than willing to offer an alliance to the Mother of Dragons. Theon is left to endure Tyrion’s reproaches about how badly he treated him in the past, emphasizing how much the tables have turned since then. The truth is that things could not have turned out worse for the young Greyjoy, who has lost a lot since that first mockery. Today he is nothing more than the support of his sister. A shadow of his former self. A frustrated king project that gives way to a new queen. And, my friends, the future of Westeros has a woman’s name. And Yara and Daenerys know that as they negotiate the terms of the agreement. The two women end up signing an alliance (between flirtations) that could not have come at a better time. With the ships seized from the Amos and the Greyjoy fleet Daenerys already has what she needs to return to Westeros. And it has only cost her to seat on the throne of the Iron Islands a woman who is worth more than the thousand men who inhabit them. Not a bad deal.

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El episodio del domingo por la noche de Juego de Tronos nos dio por fin la gran escena de batalla que llevábamos esperando toda la temporada. En cierto sentido, nos dio dos. La primera fue la quema de los barcos esclavistas por parte de Dany, aunque fue bastante rápida y ardiente y los malos no tuvieron ninguna oportunidad.

La segunda batalla fue la titulada “Batalla de los Bastardos”, un episodio extrañamente apropiado para el Día del Padre. También marcó un final muy apropiado para un villano en particular que hace mucho tiempo se agotó en la serie: Ramsay Bolton, torturador de hombres y mujeres, asesino de padres y bebés e inocentes indefensos, y todo un bastardo malvado.

Al otro lado de la distancia está la fuerza de Ramsay, mucho más grande, con los traidores Umbers a cuestas. Ninguno de los señores que juraron luchar del lado de Ramsay resultó ser una trampa, como muchos fans habían teorizado y esperado. Por razones que aún no puedo entender, fueron y lucharon y murieron por los Bolton, incluso mientras el propio Ramsay se mantenía al margen de la contienda. Vieron cómo Ramsay mataba a Rickon Stark, el heredero de Invernalia, a sangre fría y no hicieron nada. Qué patéticos y ridículos desperdicios de vida resultaron ser estos norteños. Que se deshagan de cada uno de ellos también, muertos en montones en el campo.