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– MÁS Y MEJORES CONTENIDOS CON LA MEJOR EXPERIENCIA. Desde 20 euros al mes, IVA incluido, los clientes dispondrán de un paquete básico que incluye más de 80 canales de televisión, una amplia oferta de películas, series, programas infantiles y documentales, con más de 5.000 títulos, un nuevo CANAL+ y el servicio YOMVI.

– UNA OFERTA SENCILLA Y ADAPTADA AL USUARIO En la oferta básica los clientes pueden añadir suscripciones según sus preferencias: DEPORTES, CINE y SERIES por 20, 9 y 5 euros al mes, respectivamente. También habrá canales a la carta por 5 euros al mes, así como CANAL+ Toros, por 20 euros al mes.

– UNA COMBINACIÓN PERFECTA. En MOVISTAR+ los contenidos se agrupan en nuevos canales y la oferta se ordena de forma sencilla, por géneros, como resultado de un nuevo dial: CANAL+ Series y el nuevo CANAL+ Series Xtra, la última temporada de Juego de Tronos, True Detective, Orange is the New Black, The Missing y Borgen, todas las últimas películas en el nuevo CANAL+ Estrenos y todos los deportes, incluyendo Wimbledon, MotoGP, Motor Racing, la NBA, la Euroliga de baloncesto, las mejores ligas americanas y todo el Golf.

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Is there an alternative? Yes, there is. In fact, there are a couple of alternatives where you can enjoy the finale of ‘Game of Thrones’ and one of them is also cheaper than HBO. In addition to being offered on the on-demand content platform of the channel that makes it possible, the series is available on two other services. On the one hand we have Movistar+, with its Movistar Series channel, and on the other the fuboTV platform, a television service that includes free-to-air generalist channels and also Movistar Series.

And here is the key: taking into account that fuboTV offers a one-week free trial and its monthly fee is only 3.99 euros, it is the cheapest alternative to watch ‘Game of Thrones’ cheaper than HBO. Remember, this service costs 7.99 euros per month. The savings are obvious.

The pay TV offered by Movistar through its Fusión tariffs is not cheap if we compare the total cost with what a streaming platform costs, but considering that it includes internet connection and other services, many users find it worth it. In any case, Movistar+ is an alternative to HBO when it comes to watching ‘Game of Thrones’, which is what we are looking for.

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Game of Thrones is one of the great series of the moment that are not on Netflix, Prime Video or Disney Plus, as we have already mentioned, you can watch its 8 seasons through HBO or HBO Max, but: What other options do you have? We leave you the best options and our recommendations.

You can watch this and other series and movies on PC, TV and smartphones, mainly. If you download and install it, you can also use HBO and watch Game of Thrones on Playstation, also on Tablet, where for the moment you will not be able to watch Game of Thrones will be through X-Box, since in the ‘Microsoft store’ it is not possible to download the app, at least for the moment.

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By accessing your account details in the “Settings > Devices” section, you can view, add, select and delete the mobile devices from which you have logged in. There you can also easily add your Samsung Smart TV.

The consumption depends on the quality in which you decide to watch the content, while you are connected to the service. Thus, a 1-hour content represents: 1.3GB in High Definition (HD), 720 MB in Standard Definition (SD) and 330 MB in Low Definition (LD).