Kiki el amor se hace critica

Kiki el amor se hace critica

a lot like love

«A free cinema, without prejudices or alibis (…) An extensive cast in a state of grace and an infallible rhythm, without bumps or dead times, round off the product. (…) Score: ★★★★ (out of 5)»

«Draws a couple of laughs and never goes down the easy road of simplistic and tawdry tackiness, but falls halfway short of getting anywhere. There will be no shortage of the myopic and sanctimonious who will think it’s a daring, groundbreaking comedy, but don’t be under any illusions.»

«Despite its festive erotic ambition, the balance is a good-natured comedy. (…) Leon complies with all the protocol: the characters are likable and the anecdotes pass without too many alterations.»

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the queen of the south

Then, one discovers the title, ‘Kiki, el amor se hace’ and its promotional phrase – «a festive erotic comedy»- and begins to see the previews and two possibilities arise: the first is that, as a commission, he fulfills the commercial requirements of the network that finances the film, losing his identity; and the second is that he does whatever he wants and maintains the imprint of identity that he already marked in his first two works.

In short, more than sexual freedom, Paco León’s third feature film is an ode to difference, made with a lot of freedom, modernity and at the same time, without losing one iota of the logical commercial character of a production backed by Mediaset. Something to be admired, especially when dealing with such a risky subject as that of weird and extravagant sexual philias and that, although it is not very explicit, is not shy about using certain vocabulary or showing extreme scenarios -the sequence in the sex club, for example-.

endless love

KIKI, El amor se hace will have those who say that it focuses on sex and its different forms, but those who look beyond that will find a film that talks about insecurities, fears and relationships. Yes, there is sex, but in its minimum expression. Paco León manages to create a marvelous work without the need to fervently resort to controversy with racy scenes or making sex scenes everywhere. The director takes a lot of time to introduce us to the characters, what they are like, what motivates them and what they are looking for in life. But everyone, or almost everyone, has something. A philia. And that’s what drives the film, the sexual philias of our protagonists. And those same philias make the film delve deeper into certain aspects.

captain alatriste: the spani…

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As the film progresses, it manages to make us assume as natural many aspects of sex that are usually presented to us from a dramatic, unhealthy or even asocial point of view. Quite an achievement. However, at the same time, there is a paradoxical conservative whiff, which increases scene by scene: anything goes to express sexuality, as long as the patriarchal order is maintained. The «merit» lies in the fact that Paco León never abandons his kind and understanding look, not at all critical, but rather complicit.

The worst and most hurtful, however, has to do with the systematic rape «for love» that a husband carries out every night with his wife, after drugging her until she falls unconscious… for which he also counts on the cover-up of another woman, who lends herself to the crime in exchange for a breast augmentation. When the wife discovers all this, and understands that she has been raped every night for «love», she even manages to get up from her wheelchair to embrace the rapist himself. If Paco León’s intention was to simply paint a portrait, he does not succeed: the kind and humorous tone of all these scenes, including a long final sequence, always send a clear message: love justifies everything.