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The sooner Ugur’s friends think about it, the sooner it happens. Some robbers attack the jewelry store and demand Ugur’s ring. Demir and Cemal take action and everything turns out to be a scare.

The day of the double wedding between Ugur and Sevgi and Demir and Candal arrived, but… trouble in sight! Ugur forgot his ring at the jewelry store and, when he goes to look for it, he falls victim to a robbery. Fortunately, Demir and Cemal are brave enough to block the thieves.

Candal receives a package in Demir’s name and can you guess what it is? Yes! The wedding dress she wanted. She looks radiant! She looks beautiful! Wearing the dress and looking at herself in the mirror, Candal remembers all the beautiful moments she has lived together with her husband.

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Many important events occurred in the final stretch of Mother, there is not a single one, and one of those were the deaths that marked the life of Zeynep Gunes forever. It is that the teacher, who has fought throughout this story to get custody of Turna, never imagined that these would happen.

The first is that of Sinan, her husband. The commissioner gave his life heroically by sacrificing himself for Sule and Hassan, who were going to be run over by a truck when they were escaping from justice for being Cengiz’s accomplices in the kidnapping of his wife.

The one who found her body was Gamze, who, upon waking her up, realized that she was unresponsive. Although she was taken to a hospital to be resuscitated, all efforts were in vain, as she died on the spot, causing the grief of her three daughters.

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Madre solo hay dos, the new Netflix original series starring Ludwika Paleta and Paulina Goto, is reinventing the telenovela format with this plot that addresses gender roles, sexual diversity and the sorrows of motherhood through comedy and melodrama.  But although the plot is not at all complex, the season finale perhaps left a couple of doubts because the arcs of several characters are left in limbo, mainly that of the main characters, which is why we prepared a video where we analyze what could happen in the second season.

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Inci appears again in his life when he visits Ege and informs him that he is dying. At the end of the chapter, Ege receives a call from his father, but when he answers it is not him, and he is completely thrown off….

Ege goes to visit his father, something he is grateful for. Just then he gets a call on the phone, and sees his father’s name on the screen. “Yes, this is his son,” Ege answers. Clearly, it’s not his father speaking…who is calling?

00:33Naci writes in a diary about Safiye’s change. “I’m late, Safiye is long gone, but I can’t leave,” writes the professor. He continues to debate about his life and whether he should be in it, because maybe it’s not good for him.

00:01Safiye serves the dish they’ve been cooking all afternoon. The whole family freaks out about how good the dinner is. Hikmet breaks the family moment by saying that the mother also reacted the same way after the accident, being in the kitchen all day.

Ege by Neriman just as the brother walks in the door, who doesn’t look too happy at the moment. Inci consoles her brother in his room when Ege confesses that their father had gone to visit him and noticed that his fingers had been cut off. Inci tells him it must be because of some outstanding debt, but Ege explains that he is dying and wants to see them.