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Doug Billings (Justin Bartha) is getting married to Tracy Garner (Sasha Barrese). Doug is having a bachelor party in Las Vegas with his friends Phil Wenneck (Bradley Cooper), Stuart “Stu” Price (Ed Helms), and Tracy’s brother Alan Garner (Zach Galifianakis). Doug, Phil, Alan and Stu head to Las Vegas that same night where they book a suite at the Caesars Palace hotel. Just before the bachelor party begins, they head to the hotel rooftop where they have drinks prepared by Alan.

While driving in the Mercedes, they hear banging coming from the trunk and think it’s Doug, so the three run to open the trunk, but instead of finding Doug, they find a half-naked Asian man who attacks them with a metal crowbar in revenge for their confinement and flees (in the uncensored version of the film, he was completely naked). Alan confesses that he slipped drugs into the shots they took on the rooftop the night before to make sure they had a good time, thinking the drug was ecstasy and that’s why they don’t remember anything.

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Desperate and clueless, Phil calls Tracy to tell her that Teddy had disappeared and they don’t know where he is. Stu then has a revelation and suddenly remembers where Teddy is and they head back to the hotel where they find Teddy in the hotel elevator alive (albeit with one less finger). It turns out that the night before Teddy had lost a finger by making a bet in the knife game by cutting it off himself. He stuck his finger in a bucket of ice, and as the ice melted he took the elevator up to the floor where the freezer was to get more ice for his finger, but the power went out and he got stuck in the elevator. To the group’s good fortune, Teddy reveals that he had the keys to Chow’s speedboat in his pocket and they use the speedboat to get to Stu’s wedding on time.

Upon arriving at the wedding, Lauren’s father is about to call off the wedding. Stu makes a defiant speech, fed up with being made a fool of and being compared to rice given to sick people. Instead he says that he is, in fact, quite wild. Impressed, Lauren’s father gives the couple his blessing. After the wedding, Alan surprises Stu with a special gift at the post-reception dance: a musical performance with Mike Tyson as a special guest. Teddy later discovers that he had taken many pictures during the night on his cell phone, but that it had been out of battery for two days and so he couldn’t call them when he got stuck in the elevator, but he recharged it and found many pictures taken of what happened all the fuss. Once again, the group disposed themselves by looking at the photos from that night, along with Tyson, once and then deleting them all.

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Cuando tres amigos vuelven en sí después de una noche de juerga de despedida de soltero, encuentran un bebé en el armario y un tigre en el baño. Pero no consiguen localizar a su mejor amigo, Doug, que se supone que va a casarse. El trío emprende una frenética búsqueda de Doug y persevera en medio de una desagradable resaca para intentar llegar a tiempo a la iglesia.

Bradley Cooper Ed Helms Zach Galifianakis Justin Bartha Heather Graham Sasha Barrese Jeffrey Tambor Ken Jeong Rachael Harris Mike Tyson Mike Epps Jernard Burks Rob Riggle Cleo King Bryan Callen Matt Walsh Ian Anthony Dale Michael Li Sondra Currie Gillian Vigman Nathalie Fay Chuck Pacheco Jesse Erwin Dan Finnerty Keith Lyle Brody Stevens Todd Phillips Mike Vallely James Martin Kelly

Murray Gershenz Andrew Astor Casey Margolis Ken Flaherty Joe Alexander Constance Broge Sue Pierce Floyd Levine Robert A. Ringler Britt Barrett Chauntae Davies Alisa Allapach Nicholas Furu Angelica Flameno Lily Winn Katerina Moutsatsou Faleolo Alailima Rio Ahn John Jason Bailey Guile Branco Joey Brander Kaitlin Clark Natalie Cohen Cody Deal Lanette Fugit Charlene Geisler David Hill Mitch Holleman Carrie Keagan Stephanie Mathis Anthony Mingilino Richard Reid Michael A. Rizza Heather Roop Joe Satriani Jessica Simons Tom Spano Carrot Top Jaira Valenti Victor Yerrid Anat Gerber

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El equipo de The Hangover se dirige a Tailandia para la boda de Stu. Tras el desastre de una despedida de soltero en Las Vegas el año pasado, Stu va a lo seguro con un suave brunch pre-boda. Sin embargo, nada sale como está planeado y Bangkok es el escenario perfecto para otra aventura con el alborotado grupo.

Bradley Cooper Ed Helms Zach Galifianakis Justin Bartha Ken Jeong Paul Giamatti Mike Tyson Jeffrey Tambor Mason Lee Jamie Chung Sasha Barrese Gillian Vigman Aroon Seeboonruang Nirut Sirichanya Yasmin Lee Nick Cassavetes Sondra Currie Bryan Callen Brody Stevens Michael Berry Jr. Andrew Howard Penpak Sirikul Manel Soler Todd Phillips Crystal the Monkey Kim Lee Jessica Lee