Rick vuelve a the walking dead

Rick vuelve a the walking dead

the walking dead season 11

Andrew Lincoln confirmed when he returns to the character, which will have a trilogy of films: «We are very excited because at the slightest opportunity to do so we will start production. There’s talk that it’s going to be in the spring (March-July 2022). I can’t wait to put my cowboy boots back on.»

«At first, I didn’t miss the series too much because it was such a great ending to my TV story. I could say that I did miss Rick, he’s a terrific character and I love being Rick,» he commented. It is not known if the character will appear in the season finale, but the actor is already set to film the movies.

For some time now, it has been reported that Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead was going to have a solo movie. But when will we see this film? The Walking Dead has already started its way to the end. The series premiered its first episode of season 11, and fans are preparing for the denouement of the famous zombie story that will be…

We have compiled a list of series that will fascinate you if you like The Walking Dead. Don’t miss this list full of blood, action and some zombies. We already recommended the movies you have to see if you are a fan of The Walking Dead. Today, in Cinéfilos, we decided to put together a list of series that will also fascinate you. This way, if you…

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The Walking Dead continúa su marcha hacia el final de la serie, pero no será ni mucho menos el final del universo en su conjunto. Sabemos que después de la 11ª temporada y el spin-off The World Beyond, el universo continuará con un spin-off de Daryl y Carol, Fear the Walking Dead seguirá caminando y la serie antológica Tales of the Walking Dead se pondrá en marcha.

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«Cuando la serie en sí tiene un alcance tan grande, tienes que asegurarte de que el alcance de la película coincide con las demandas de una audiencia teatral», dijo Hurd recientemente a Variety, «pero también continúa con los personajes matizados que la gente espera de la serie de televisión. Por eso [está tardando mucho]».

«No sé, porque siempre estoy en mi cabeza diciendo: ‘Vale, así que Walking Dead está terminando [en la temporada 11], pero ahora están hablando de todos estos spin-offs y todas estas películas y todo esto y todo lo demás».

the walking dead season 11×9

How do you live? How do you die? What we’re willing to do. Who we are. We are the reason we are still here. Not me. We stick together, we’ll be fine. Because that’s how we survive. We tell ourselves that we are the undead.

The final season debut will take place with a double episode ‘Acheron: Part 1’ and ‘Acheron: Part 2’, in which Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) will have to join forces with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in a deadly mission to save Alexandria.

blood and lies

No doubt that all the fans of The Walking Dead -which are not few- felt like a bucket of cold water the news that Andrew Lincoln would abandon the role of Rick Grimes during the first half of the ninth season of the show that will begin airing on October 7, especially considering that the series has always had Rick as its main protagonist and main thread.

And watch out, this has already happened before in the series, since Michael Cudlitz, in charge of giving life to Abraham Ford in the show, was seen advising one of the directors of the first episodes of the ninth season and was already credited as the titular director of the seventh chapter of this new cycle that will mean the farewell of Rick Grimes.