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The End of the F***ing World is a British dark comedy-drama television series, based on the graphic novel The End of the Fucking World by Charles S. Forsman. The first part consisted of eight episodes and premiered on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom on October 24, 2017, then the full season premiered on All 4. The End of the F***ing World was released exclusively on Netflix internationally on January 5, 2018. On October 8, 2019, Netflix announced the date of the second season which was available from November 5, 2019 and also consists of a total of 8 episodes.

The series follows James, who is a boy who defines himself as a psychopath, meets Alyssa, a girl who in her words, “hates everyone”. Both James and Alyssa go to the same high school and have a seemingly unhappy life. Alyssa meets James after arguing with her friends because one of them talks to her on her cell phone while sitting in front of her and eating together; this upset Alyssa a lot so she breaks her phone and leaves, at that moment she stops in front of James, since she had noticed him before, and decides to talk to him. The two leave high school together and begin an apparent dating relationship. James’ personality attracts Alyssa while James only thinks about how he would kill her. James seeks to kill a human being, he had already experienced killing several animals and was looking for a greater pleasure.

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The ending, as those of you who saw the first season know, feels like a shot… literally, because even that is designed to give you something different from what many other series offer, all of them are cut with the same pattern.

With its second season, The End of the F***ing World folds its sails and stops taking so many risks. Yes, we have again eight episodes of between 19 and 25 minutes and a new psychopath on the loose, but the series stops hiding the fact that it is a dysfunctional love story between two lost (and very selfish and detached from reality) teenagers.

And the fact is that, as much as she has tried to run away from her past, she will run headlong into it: the death of Professor Clive Koch will provide her with a masterful antagonist whose story we will learn about through flashbacks. And it will take her on a new road trip that goes nowhere.

What does maintain its quality is the exceptional soundtrack, or rather, its great musical compilation that includes great songs like “Down” by Oceans Ahead, “Wondrous Place” by Billy Fury or “Come Back” by The Belles. We leave you the Spotify playlist, which is very worthwhile:

the end of the fun in world descargar latino

Netflix makes most of its programming decisions based on statistics. They know exactly what you want to watch and when you want to watch it. However, Netflix was completely surprised by the widespread success of this TV show. Their predictions fell short, as they predicted “disappointing ratings” for the series and probably didn’t plan The end of the fu***in world season 2. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with wanting more seasons; but remember what the streaming platform did with ‘Arrested Development’? That’s right, they took a really fantastic series and trashed it.The ‘For Thirteen Reasons’ example.

If the above reason isn’t compelling enough, now think of ‘For Thirteen Reasons’. This disregard for the authors’ intention to create an orchestrated series with a central plot is quite disturbing and leads one to believe that Netflix is less interested in telling compelling stories and only thinks about getting “high ratings”. Thus, fans fear that The End of the Fucking World season 2 will turn into something completely different like ‘For Thirteen Reasons’, as it had a rather definitive ending. Its original appeal, that authenticity, will be lost. Given the streaming platform’s track record, the idea of a second season doesn’t seem very promising.The End of the F***ing World series has already hit its ceiling.

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SynopsisJames and Alyssa, two teenagers living a seemingly typical teenage experience while dealing with the fear of coming of age. Forsman tells their story through each character’s perspective, jumping between points of view with each chapter. But quickly, this somewhat familiar adolescent experience takes a more nihilistic turn, as James’ character exhibits a rapidly forming sociopathy that threatens both of their futures. He harbors violent fantasies and begins to act on them, while Alyssa remains as willfully ignorant for as long as she can, blinded by young love.