The girl in the spider’s web

The girl in the spider’s web

the girl with the dragon tattoonovel by stieg larsson

Marta Suria-Vázquez is not Marta Suria-Vázquez. Or she is, but her ID card shows a different name. She had to resort to this pseudonym to tell her story. Sexual abuse in childhood is more than abuse. They are silences. And violence, pain, prosecution. They are above all stories of questioning, of not believing, of doubting. The judicial system did not believe her and, to prevent her story from being hidden and to be able to tell it, Marta Suria-Vázquez was born. Because what she experienced in her childhood is not an isolated case, it is a collective story. «You step into the outside world and what you find is the immense nothingness,» she reflects over the phone. An immense shared nothingness, because she also says that not infrequently she is told «me too» or «my friend», «my cousin».

With a life like an autobiographical novel, this woman, a consultant for international organizations on resilience, tries to make her story a social slap on the wrist. With a soft voice, in which there is no room for reproaches, only for questions, she wants people to stop looking the other way.

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The trilogy of Nordic novels of the «Millenium» saga were, together with «The Da Vinci Code», the biggest literary hits of the past decade. These three novels, written by Stieg Larsson, were adapted to film, with Swedish actress Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth.

It didn’t take long for Hollywood to turn its eye on Larsson’s work. In 2011, none other than David Fincher adapted the first of the novels. In «The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,» it was Rooney Mara who stepped into the shoes of Lisbeth.

Salander and Blomkvist will confront a network of spies and cybercriminals who are linked to corrupt government officials. The young hacker and the journalist will put their lives on the line in order to expose the lies and crimes of those in power.


Andalusia is the autonomous community with more corruption cases in court because it has fatally combined a space of social tolerance with the development of clientelistic networks promoted by the administrations.

And, as is humanly understandable, acquiescence abounds more than heroism. Even direct electoral acquiescence: let us remember the absolute majorities of Gil in Marbella, culminating in the bizarre Malaya case. George Bernard Shaw already said that virtue is nothing more than an insufficient temptation.

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For this reason, the themes that the artist will develop throughout her career cover areas such as gender and sexuality, or the fragile emotional balance between giving and receiving that everyone faces during their lives.

Two other central concepts in Louise Bourgeois’s poetics are architecture and memory, where the former makes sense as a visual expression of the latter. The past, as well as history, materializes through a continuous exercise, in which memory is carefully interwoven with invention, so that memory has value not simply as a reminder of concrete events, but also as the construction of imagined realities.