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Tomas (pronunciado toe-MAHS) es un antagonista y un superviviente del brote en The Walking Dead de AMC. Es un prisionero que sobrevivió al brote junto con Andrew, Axel, Oscar y Big Tiny. Es el líder de los prisioneros y fue el principal antagonista del episodio “Sick”.

Aunque no se conoce bien su personalidad, Tomas se mostró como un individuo poco fiable, astuto, hostil y homicida. Se mostró como un asesino despiadado y de sangre fría, como se demostró cuando asesinó a su aliado Big Tiny después de que éste fuera infectado, y luego trató de asesinar a Rick Grimes dos veces, un acto que finalmente condujo a su propia muerte.

Al comienzo del brote, se inició un motín en la prisión. Tomas, Oscar, Andrew, Big Tiny y Axel fueron escoltados a la cafetería por un guardia. Los encerraron dentro mientras el guardia salía a pedir refuerzos, pero nunca regresó. Los cinco reclusos pasaron entonces los siguientes 10 meses encerrados dentro de la cafetería, sin saber lo que ocurría fuera y sobreviviendo de la gran cantidad de comida que quedaba en la cafetería.

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The bloopers are those funny situations that happen in the middle of the recordings, which gives rise to ‘outtakes’ that are usually published on DVDs, or in this case in special events such as at the San Diego Comic-Con and the Fan Premiere at Madison Square Garden.

In the video we get to see some outtakes starring Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Norman Reedus (Daryl), Melissa McBride (Carol), Steven Yeun (Glenn), Chad Coleman (Tyreese), Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) and more:

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The panel with the cast and crew of The Walking Dead was one of the most anticipated moments of the whole summer for fans of the series, if not the most anticipated even, and not only for the premiere of the Trailer (Which you can see here), but for the advances and information that they offered us during the development.

At the entrance, and due to the absence of the comic creator Robert Kirkman; who has recently undergone surgery, having to be absent from the convention, all the cast wore T-shirts and paper masks with the face of the one who is also Executive Producer of the series.

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Orwell, Asimov or K. Le Guin have narrated stories where, from different points of view and more or less use of fantasy, people have been placed in extreme social and political contexts, sometimes much more terrifying than ghost stories. The rise of sci-fi with films of the genre is more than evident on the billboard and on the Internet: Just look at the theories about wells in the middle of the ocean that lead to “other worlds”, as if it were Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Zombies are also back in vogue: George A. Romero unleashed terror with Night of the Living Dead and the subsequent “undead” movies released from the late sixties onwards fed this fear and, also, the terror of our world looking a little more like an episode of The Walking Dead. At the same time, series like Black Mirror criticized the current dependence on new technologies, and because of that dependence, movies and series about a major blackout and lack of supplies has become a genre in itself. In short, the terror of the unknown is back in fashion and the great electrical blackout is not a “new fear”, but has long been told in fiction. If you want to spend a Sunday watching movies and series on the subject, here are some to make the “blanket and movie” plan a reality. Turn off the lights and press play: