Trailer a todo gas 7 español

Trailer a todo gas 7 español


In 2020 we will be able to see the new adventures of the popular «Fast & Furious» saga.  Started in 2001 by director Rob Cohen, the main magnet of this franchise was Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and their unbridled madness aboard fast cars at a furious pace. The second part, directed by John Singleton in 2003, had the late Paul Walker as the main protagonist, without the presence of the muscular Vin Diesel. The Taiwanese Justin Lin made his debut in the saga with «A todo gas: Tokyo race» (2006). Other directors such as James Wan («Fast & furious 7») and F. Gary Gray («Fast & furious 8») have also been in charge of some installments of the franchise.

In 2019, Dwayne Johnson (Hobbs) and Jason Statham starred in «Fast & furious: Hobbs & Shaw», a spin-off that included actor Idris Elba («Thor: Ragnarok») as Brixton, the super-powerful villain of this installment with which they accumulated more than 750 million dollars at the box office worldwide.

Despite the sad death of Paul Walker, and the disappearance of his beloved character Brian O’Conner, the saga has been able to reinvent itself and has not stopped adding familiar faces to its cast and attracting fans with each new release.

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Know the secrets of the cars of ‘A Todo Gas 7’ This trailer of ‘A Todo Gas 7’ gives us more clues about the villain who will try to kill Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family, who is none other than Jason Statham, the new king of action movies. The British actor plays Ian Shawn, Owen’s brother (the bad guy in ‘A Todo Gas 6’), who will do everything he can to avenge his brother’s death. In fact, he manages to end the life of one of the members of the group, Han Seoul-Oh; a character who first appeared in ‘A Todo Gas: Tokyo Drift’.

The new installment of ‘A Todo Gas 7’ is undoubtedly the most anticipated due to all the events that have happened throughout its filming, including the tragic death of Paul Walker. After that there was even speculation that the actor might have faked his own death and one website even hired a Paul Walker look-alike. Don’t miss all the cars of ‘A Todo Gas 7’, in video It has not been easy for the production company to replace him either and even Universal Pictures paid tribute to him. Wrapped in controversy, at first it was thought to replace him but after criticism from fans, who felt that they should not use doubles of Paul Walker in A Todo Gas 7, finally made Paul Walker’s brothers recorded the incomplete scenes of ‘A Todo Gas 7’.

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Furious 7′ is the new installment of one of the most successful movie sagas in the history of cinema, which for this new release once again combines the keys to success already used in previous films: action, fast vehicles -just take a look at the cars in ‘A todo gas 7’- and more action.

The cast of actors typical of previous episodes of ‘A todo gas’, with Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker at the head, are joined this time by heavyweights of action movies like Jason Statham, Djimon Honsou or Kurt Russell, a good guarantee of the interpretive quality of the protagonists, who respond to the baton of Malaysian director James Wan (Saw, Insidious).

The speed marks each and every one of the 137 minutes of footage of ‘A todo gas 7’, which presents on this occasion the most elaborate script of all the installments of the series, with continuous references to the various films to integrate them all under the same thread, which is none other than the attempt of the protagonists to move to the ‘good side’ of the law (either by land or air).

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Meanwhile, Dom tries to pull Letty out of the (now driverless) truck, who jumps into Dom’s car and manages to grab hold of his hand, quickly climbing into the car. But, the gas truck’s tank spins violently, landing in front of Dom and Letty, while behind them, the truck ends up overturning, leaving them trapped. As the burning tank approaches, Letty, frightened, begs Dom to do something and he accelerates at full throttle, avoiding the burning tank by millimeters, leaving the scene unharmed, while the truck explodes with the burning tank and falls into the cliff.[2]