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Klugman and Sternthal – responsible for the story of ‘TRON: Legacy’ (Joseph Kosinski, 2010) – make their directorial debut with a screenplay of their own. In addition to Cooper, Saldana, Irons and Wilde, also on screen are Dennis Quaid, Ben Barnes, Nora Arnezeder, Zeljko Ivanek, John Hannah and J.K. Simmons, among others. I’m not entirely convinced by the trailer although there are interesting scenes that can give a lot of play, I hope the filmmakers have been inspired, because with these actors I’m already hooked. And you?

The big secret

Lee Sternthal, a moral drama, starring Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Irons and Dennis Quaid, that aspires to be a psychological thriller and to tell a story within a story within a story within a story, falling short of all its pretensions.

‘The Word Thief’ doesn’t try to get there with two events, but with three. In the head of the authors, perhaps they believed they were giving shape to a narrative of the kind that Paul Auster usually signs, with a writer as the protagonist, with a tremendous conflict of identities and authorship, which transcends the concerns of the characters and becomes a reasonable doubt, with typewriters, manuscripts and, above all, with a lot of introspection in the psyche so that the story becomes a study on madness, obsession… The bases for the film to be all that and more exist, they are there. But what its creators do with it produces a result that does not even come close to working in one of those aspects. And it doesn’t even entertain.

The words full movie in english

If you like “The words thief” then possibly you are looking for thought provoking, psychological and serious movies about writer’s life, writers, romance, guilt, success, love and romance and life changing experience themes of genres Drama, Mystery and Romance filmed in USA.

A successful writer reads from his new novel to a crowd of devoted fans. It tells the story of a failed writer who is fortunate enough to find a manuscript. He publishes it as his own and achieves spectacular success that makes him one of the best writers of his time. The author of the manuscript turns out to be an old man who wrote it during his youth, when he was stationed in Paris after World War II (1939-1945), a time when he met the love of his life.

falling in love, the writer’s life, desire for fame, hidden identity, ambition, artists and show business, cons and swindles, blackmail, hallucination, love and romance, dishonesty, rising to stardom …

The words cast

Wrapped in a creative atmosphere, surrounded by a demanding and attractive industry, “The Word Thief” is a story in three layers, one inside the other, that book by book reveals the secrets kept by three writers and the connections between different scenarios, circumstances and times, mixing Post-War Paris with present-day New York, anonymity and success, loneliness and fulfillment.

Each scenario holds a secret, an intimacy, a decision, because facing issues such as creativity, ambition and moral choices inevitably entails responsibilities and burdens that will remain with the characters for the rest of their lives.

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