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Every day, the Federal Reserve Bank of Los Angeles takes $120 million in cash out of circulation. A group of experienced thieves plan their final big heist: to steal that $120 million, but the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, the city’s most feared squad led by ‘Big Nick’ (Gerard Butler), isn’t about to make it easy for them.

In Los Angeles, a team of thieves led by Ray Merrimen carries out a violent armed attack and hijacks an armored truck. Police officers arrive on the scene and engage in a shootout with the robbers. Eventually, Merrimen and his crew escape with the empty armored truck.

When the day of the heist arrives, Merrimen and his crew invade a commercial bank and take hostages. Nick and his team arrive outside as the chaos unfolds. The L.A.P.D. Negotiator calls and talks to the bank manager on Merrimen’s behalf. To discourage wasting time on communications, Merrimen has one of the crew members take a hostage into a back room, where he apparently shoots him. The negotiator agrees not to communicate until the robbers’ demands (for money and helicopter) are met, which should arrive in over an hour. The robbers order the branch manager to open the vault. They then detonate an explosive that leads Nick and the police officers outside to believe that the explosion will blow up the vault. Knowing this is not Merrimen’s modus operandi, Nick is suspicious and impatient and storms the bank alone with his team behind him. They enter and discover that the hostage shooting was staged, and Merrimen and his team have escaped through a hole in the floor. Merrimen had used this “bank robbery” as a distraction to keep Nick and the police officers out of the commercial bank while he robbed the Federal Reserve.

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Superhero movies have long since displaced action movies to the background. At least as far as big budget productions are concerned, since titles with more contained budgets continue to be made and from time to time there are surprise hits. Not so long ago it was the turn of ‘John Wick’ and now it is ‘Den of Thieves’ that will have a second installment after its good performance at the U.S. box office.

As he did in the first installment, Christian Gudegast will be in charge of writing the script as well as the staging. This time the plot will revolve around the world’s largest diamond exchange, which will move the action of ‘Den of Thieves 2’ to Europe.

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Who hasn’t played the classic “cops and robbers” or “the perfect alibi” in language class? This is a very popular game to practice the past in an oral and fun way, since the game requires the use of verb tenses such as the preterite indefinite, estar + gerund or the preterite imperfect. The simplest version of the game requires no material and is played as follows:

2 students are chosen to play the role of two suspected thieves or criminals. They must pretend that they were together all day yesterday and come up with a solid alibi that will allow them to get away with it. To do this, the two suspects will have 5 to 10 minutes to leave class and think of an alibi between 12 noon and 12 midnight, when the crime took place.

The rest of the students will play the role of the police. To do this, they will have to imagine that a crime or offense was committed the day before and suspect two students in the class. While the suspects leave the classroom, the policemen will have to elaborate the questions they will ask them during the interrogation. In order to interrogate them, the police officers will need to divide into two groups and question each suspect separately. They will then compare the statements of the two suspects and if differences are found between the two versions, the suspects will be guilty.

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A group of elite, military-trained bank robbers plan a heist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Los Angeles. It is their biggest heist yet and involves stealing the $120 million in cash that is taken out of circulation every day. They are closely followed by Nick Flanagan (Gerard Butler), a local Los Angeles sheriff, who has been tracking the team of thieves and will stop at nothing until he sees them apprehended.

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