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The world has completely changed. Earth is now a desolate place, littered with destroyed buildings and where humans struggle to survive humanity’s ongoing conflict with alien robots. Izabella (Isabela Moner) is one of the many people whose lives have been drastically changed by the arrival of the aliens. The young woman, who has fully adapted to her new life on the streets, will join forces with Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) to face the dangerous challenge ahead of them. They are two species at war, one made of flesh and blood, the other of metal. Faced with two colliding worlds, only one of them can survive. . Optimus sends a message to any surviving Autobot, telling them: It’s time to go home.

The Autobots subsequently use Lockdown’s ship to return to Cybertron along with Dragonstorm, and TRF, presumably, is disbanded and the N.E.S.T. organization is subsequently reinstated. Later, the alliance with the Autobots is restored once again, as their understanding of the Autobots is needed to help humanity and their own Cybertronian race. Quintessa, now assuming a human form, arrives and offers them a way to destroy Unicron.

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Upon arriving on the planet and check that they have survived, they encounter their first problem: the planet is too rich in energon, a mineral that if it is not refined has harmful radiation to the Transformers, but at the same time is their source of energy once it has been worked. To protect themselves from these radiations, they must seek alternative forms to that of a robot, so they scan the animals in the area and adapt their forms without losing their ability to transform.

The Maximals are the descendants of the Autobots, they are the good guys of the series. In Beast Wars, the protagonists are, in principle, explorers and scientists, who must take up arms to fight against the Predacons.

Optimus is the undisputed leader of the Maximal squadron. With a firm and affable character, he is a leader par excellence, he earns the respect of the squadron and in critical moments he knows how to keep a cool head to find viable solutions, so much so that he is even capable of sacrificing his life for it. He always tries to resolve conflicts peacefully, but if he has to fight, he doesn’t back down. He is not the original Optimus Prime, he is a descendant of this one, he is also a Prime, but shares much of the personality and ideals of the first Optimus; in addition, the features of his face are similar.

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Novedades VOD brings you the best new releases of the week on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video… And things as they are, sometimes the least expected gives the surprise, as happens this week with Finch… although the truth is that little surprise offers Finch itself. Be that as it may, read on to see what’s new this week on the major video on demand platforms.

We start with Apple TV+, yes, and the Cupertino service is the one that has the least content, but one of those that is betting more on the quality of them … and this statement is not exactly for Finch.

As for the former, Finch is a sort of melodrama with adventurous and even science fiction undertones; as for the latter… Let’s just say that without Tom Hanks at the helm, there would be no one to swallow it. That’s how important is the presence that some actors give to almost everything they touch. What is clear is that Apple was happy with Greyhound and has repeated the move, that is, to take out its wallet to buy the film once it has been produced.

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