Ver the gifted online castellano

Ver the gifted online castellano

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Together with other associations, AEST has promoted the creation of a platform for the defense of the rights of the gifted: the Plades Platform, created to defend the rights of the gifted and talented before society and fundamentally in the educational systems. The Platform is based in Madrid, although it has representatives in several communities.

On the Plades website there is a forum in which participants present their doubts, concerns and experiences related to their highly gifted children, becoming a meeting point for parents: debates on school legislation, experiences in kindergarten, guidelines for parent-school collaboration or stories of cases of bullying are some of the topics that can be found.

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Algunos Estados desean que se aumente el número de proyectos especiales y sugieren, a modo de ejemplo, como tema para 1998-1999, «la movilización de los jóvenes al servicio de los objetivos de la UNESCO», lo que exigiría la asignación de mayores recursos a las asociaciones juveniles.

Véase, por ejemplo, J. S. Renzulli, «The Definition of High-End Learning», disponible en Renzulli es el Director del Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre Superdotados y Talentosos de la Universidad de Connecticut.

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Judit learned to play chess thanks to her father, Laszlo Polgár, who organized for his daughters an educational program where chess was present in a preferential place. The eldest sister, Zsuzsa Polgár, is also an International Grandmaster and the second one, Sofia, is an International Master. The father insisted that the daughters did not participate in women’s tournaments, but only in the absolute ones.

If you think that your child’s intelligence, after everything explained above, is above average, fill in this questionnaire, devised by Dr. David Weeks, which gathers a wide range of characteristics, behavior lines, preferences and attitudes. Remember that it is an approximation to the knowledge of whether your child is gifted because only an expert and after several tests done individually to your child, will be able to offer the diagnosis.

And Babysapien is a polysensory method that uses sight, hearing, touch and smell as gateways to the brain. It strengthens all the mental functions involved in learning (grasping-processing-communication) and psychomotor skills.

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‘HPI’ is in line with other French series such as ‘Cassandra’, ‘Candice Renoir’, ‘Tandem’ or ‘Bright Minds’ to name a few recent examples that usually have a good reception among our viewers when they premiere on different pay channels or DTT, for following that line of friendly and light procedural with a special protagonist.

‘HPI’ has been the third most watched series in the history of French television since the appearance of the audimeters in 1989 with shares close to 50% and all this is due to the presence as protagonist of Audrey Fleurot in a role tailored for her to play a gifted histrionic polygonist who by chance ends up as a police advisor, as I will analyze below.

The plot : Morgane Alvaro is a gifted woman with an IQ over 160, but who has not managed to find her place in life with a complicated personal situation, single, penniless and with three children.