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El Truco es un juego de cartas con truco originario de Valencia y Baleares. Es una variante del Truc. Es popular en Sudamérica e Italia. Se suele jugar con una baraja española, entre dos, cuatro o seis jugadores, divididos en dos equipos.

La versión uruguaya utiliza una “Muestra” en cada mano. Las siguientes cartas del mismo palo que la “Muestra” tienen un rango superior al As de espadas y se llaman “Piezas”: 2, 4, 5, Caballero, que en algunas regiones se llama Perico, que vale 30 puntos,[1] y la Jota, que en algunas regiones se llama Perica, que vale 29 puntos.[2] Finalmente, si algún jugador tiene el Rey del mismo palo que la “Muestra” y ésta es una “Pieza”, el Rey se convierte en esa carta.

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He was Manfred Muggs’ business partner until he no longer needed him, which resulted in Manfred and his family nearly losing everything, including their home. As a result of his partnership, Manfred was hospitalized due to a suicide attempt.

Not long after his release, he began his master plan to monopolize Riverdale by closing down certain properties such as Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe and The South Side High School, although he encountered an obstacle along the way, Jughead Jones. However, as he moved forward with his plan, his relations with Veronica and Hermione became strained, as they disagreed with his moves, leading Hermione to attempt to kill him twice. However, she failed both times, resulting in their separation and subsequent annulment of the marriage.

Hiram is a dishonest and indecisive businessman. He is very ruthless, willing to step on and bend anyone and everyone to achieve his own selfish goals. He has gone so far as to threaten his own wife and daughter.

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The Andalusian government presented yesterday the draft Budget Law of the Junta de Andalucía for 2022, the fourth of PP and Ciudadanos in the autonomous government, which plans to allocate more than 351 million euros in investments for the province of Malaga, 88 million more than what was contemplated in the current fiscal year. At the moment, in the absence of knowing more details, we already know that for Marbella 43.5 million will be allocated for the extension works of the Costa del Sol hospital, in addition to another 200,000 euros for the new judicial headquarters in Estepona. All this, provided that they go ahead, as it also plans the ghost of not being able to go ahead, due to lack of support, in fact there are already political formations such as VOX or PSOE that have expressed their opposition. With this scenario an extension of the current accounts could be considered.

The hoteliers of the Costa del Sol yesterday asked the administrations for more sensitivity to the situation caused by the rise in electricity, taking advantage of the celebration of a day of energy management and maintenance of facilities in hotels, organized by the Hotel Technological Institute in collaboration with the Association of Hotel Businessmen of the Costa del Sol. More than 215 euros per kilowatt hour was the price paid yesterday. The sector, a large consumer of energy is also concerned about the increase in the price of diesel and gas. There are more details of current affairs such as the Constitutional Court that has overturned the municipal capital gains, so that municipalities will not be able to charge citizens for the difference in the price of housing between the time of purchase and sale, as well as inheritance or donation.

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The transfer market for the club 9 de Julio does not stop, who added four new reinforcements. They are goalkeeper Joaquín Aylagas (from Unión de Sunchales), defender Osvaldo Arroyo (from Sportivo Belgrano San Francisco), midfielder Cristian Sánchez (from Unión de Sunchales), and forward Tomas Attis (from Unión de Sunchales).

This is what the coach from Santa Fe, Pablo Bonaveri, said referring to the recent winning of the Apertura de Primera A. The coach talked about all the work done and about what is coming with the participation in the Regional Amateur Tournament 2022.

-There was a base of the club and also the arrival of several players to play in a Rafaelina League that always demands. Was it a challenge to assemble the team? For all of us it was a challenge, knowing beforehand what it is to play the First A league and that we have to prepare the future team to participate in the next Regional Amateur Tournament (starts next November 21) with the players of the club and those who were arriving, those players of experience who joined the sporting objective that we faced at the beginning of the season. Today the balance is good and we must consolidate what we have achieved.