Gos d atura català caracter

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The origin of most sheepdogs is due to the dogs introduced by the Asians in the barbarian invasions centuries ago. These dogs were expanding due to the Romans, who took them to different parts of Europe. This is how they were crossed with other breeds, creating the shepherd dogs that are so different today, which have the same origins.

Their coat is another of their characteristic features, as it is long and can be smooth or wavy. It falls over the eyes in many occasions and that is why those eyes are not always seen well. They also have a mustache and toupee. Their coat is usually always the same shade, with combinations of sand, gray and wattle. In this great coat has a peculiarity, and is that the dog moults first the front and then the back, so it seems that the dog is formed by two different coats. As we can see this is a really peculiar dog and different from other breeds.

The Gos d’Atura is a very active dog, which has been used for herding for centuries. Like other working dogs, it needs daily physical exercise to stay balanced. He must expend that energy he has, so it is a good idea to take him for daily walks and runs, so that he is calm while at home. It is even recommended that these dogs do sports like canicross or agility, as it helps them stay fitter and happier. These sports are perfect for this breed, as it helps them use their strength and also their intelligence, making the dogs feel more satisfied and fulfilled.

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But the strength of his temperament, the tension and the natural assimilation of his functions is so great that, even when the shepherd is present, he is capable of making his own decisions if he sees that his master has not noticed a specific circumstance.

In spite of having been selected to live and work in the countryside, his rapport with man is so great that he can adapt to the city without problems, as long as he is guaranteed adequate exercise.

For all these reasons, the Catalan Shepherd is an all-terrain dog, an ideal breed for any family, but especially for those who enjoy outdoor activities with their pet.

On the head it has a beard, mustache, toupee and large eyebrows, which, however, reveal the eyes. The animal sheds its hair in two phases, first the front half and then the back half. Sometimes it has white patches.

Seen from a distance, these dogs appear monochromatic, with possible lighter shades on the extremities, but up close it can be seen that their coloration is due to the mixture of hairs of different shades.

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The breed has a great facility when driving cattle, that is why it is a very appreciated variant by the people of the area. The cunning and great working capacity of the gos d’atura make it an ideal dog for herding all types of animals in the Pyrenean pastures. It is believed that the origin of the Catalan shepherd is closely linked to that of the terriers introduced in Europe during the different barbarian invasions.

Its head is broad and strong, but not heavy. The skull of the Catalan Shepherd Dog has slightly elongated proportions. Their muzzle is pyramidal and they have strong teeth with a scissor bite. Their tusks are blunt. The eyes of the shepherd d’atura are always wide open and expressive. They have high, triangular ears.

The neck of the Catalan shepherd is thick and muscular, quite short and well attached to the back. Their body is elongated and agile. They have a prominent withers, with a straight back and a robust, slightly sloping croup. The chest of the gos d’atura is well developed, with a slightly tucked up belly. They move with a smooth gait and only run when in open spaces. Their skin is thick and well pigmented. Their coat is long, curly and rough. The most basic colors are gray, earth and neula. However, there are also black and reddish individuals.

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The gos d’atura is characterized for being a large, strong and robust animal. It is a little longer than tall, although it maintains the proportions of its body perfectly. Although physically and visually it is a large and dense dog, the truth is that it is not a heavy animal, as it shows in its agility and speed in its movements and running. His body is prepared for physical activity, especially for strength and endurance work, which he fulfills to perfection by the power he achieves thanks to his large and muscular legs.

The ears are rather short and pointed, but due to the extensive fur on both sides of the head, they can appear much longer and even blend in with the coat itself. Despite its noble expression, one can guess a strong jaw under all the fur, which it will not hesitate to use when the situation requires it, either for work or for its strong protective instinct.

Despite its size, the gos d’atura catalá is a medium sized dog, not as large as other sheepdogs. The height to the withers in males usually reaches 47 or 55 centimeters, remaining between 45 and 53 centimeters for females. In addition, their apparent bulk is not so excessive, and has largely to do with the volume of their coat. The reality is that its weight is usually between 20 and 27 kilos, although this is not a figure specified in the breed standard drawn up by the FCI.