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Before the generalized belief of an increase of adoptions to circumvent the confinement, Teresa González, president of the Association for the Defense of Animal Rights and Nature of Candelaria (Addanca), points out that “the shelters are conscious and do not give a dog just like that”. “Surely in the Peninsula there would be some roguery with that”, he qualifies. In addition, he alleges that “if that were the case, the shelters would not be saturated”.

Eighty percent of the 15 shelters in Tenerife are privately run and collaborate with organizations, including international ones, on which they rely to process and manage adoptions by people living in other European countries, such as Germany, France or Belgium. This is what Jack, secretary of the shelter La Esperanza del Sur, located in the municipality of Arona, says.

Beyond the funding difficulties, at the International Animal Shelter of Los Realejos they state that “the biggest problem of the pandemic was the stagnation caused by the lack of adoptions, the interruption of the work of volunteers and the reduction of donations”, a situation that is reproduced in most of the cases.

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The Cabildo de Tenerife inaugurated in 2012 the Animal Protection Center “Tierra Blanca”, located in the estate of its property La Valiera, in the municipality of Fasnia. The center, which has received private contributions for its construction and maintenance, will be managed by the Canary Islands Federation of Animal and Plant Protection Associations, which is also in charge of the center located in Valle Colino through an agreement with the municipalities of Santa Cruz, La Laguna, Tegueste and El Rosario. The facilities have two warehouses with a total area of more than 2,600 square meters equipped with compartments for animals, as well as outdoor yards and a veterinary clinic, among other facilities.

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922 013 657Attention TelefónicaProtección animal ¡denuncia!”Adoption is the best option” Because adopting is a decision that is made with the head and with the heart, helping the most harmed;abandoned pets.

The City Hall was illuminated in green last night for World Animal DayYesterday, the day of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of the veterinary profession, Santa Cruz de Tenerife recalls its distinction of Animal Friendly City.

Santa Cruz subsidizes with 30,000 euros the control of invasive species in the municipalityThe Governing Board approves an agreement with the Neotrópico Foundation to formalize the collaboration with this entity, which collaborates in the balance…

Santa Cruz will sterilize feral cats in the surroundings of the Anaga Rural ParkThe impossibility of registering cat colonies within 500 meters of the boundaries of the park forces this measure to control its population,…

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Since then K9 has continued its work and received a lot of help from other similar organizations, here and abroad, and we are now affiliated to the RSPCA in the UK, of which we are very proud.

During 2007 one of our volunteers built us a place for cats and at last we have a place to care for the many abandoned kittens. Not everyone knows that we also have cats that need homes.

Although we deal mainly with dogs and cats, we do what we can with our limited resources for any animal. We have helped birds, reptiles, rabbits, donkeys and even two lions and a leopard that were caged in Playa de Las Americas (they are now in a reserve in South Africa).