Alcohol 70 mercadona precio

70 of alcohol mercadona

The original format came in a 400 ml spray and was intended for home use, while the new one contained 75 ml and was aimed at consumers who wanted to carry it in their handbag or backpack.

Now, as announced by the Instagram account Mercadona Novedades, which specializes in telling us about new products arriving in the chain’s supermarkets, we have a new format of the Bosque Verde disinfectant alcohol. In this case it is a pistol format: the product comes in a 750 ml capacity bottle and has a pistol diffuser like the conventional multi-purpose ones. It is priced at 2.35 euros and is on sale in physical and online stores.

How to disinfect masks

If we are going to have to live with the masks for a while, it is essential to find a system with which they can be disinfected. Using a mask for 8 hours and throwing it away should not be the best option. Mercadona has launched a product that can be a good ally for disinfecting masks and gloves. It is a 70% perfumed alcohol spray.

Mercadona’s alcohol spray is a big hit, with sales of 50,000 units a day, proving that the product is meeting a long-awaited demand. The product is the result of a collaboration between specialist aerosol supplier Francisco Aragón and Mercadona’s innovation team. Available for the past month, the 70% alcohol spray is a simple way to disinfect fabrics and surfaces quickly and conveniently.

Disinfecting reusable masks is a complicated task; some people put them in the oven at 60º for an hour, others steam them for 30 minutes. Cloth masks have to be washed at temperatures above 60º, but wouldn’t it be great to spray them with an alcohol solution and let them dry for a few seconds?

Mercadona alcohol spray

Thus, the Valencian supermarket is marketing the product of El Bosque Verde, its white cleaning brand, which is based on perfumed alcohol that disinfects “in depth any surface”, explains Mercadona. This innovative product is sold in three formats: a 750-milliliter bottle and two spray cans of 400 milliliters and 75 milliliters that customers of Juan Roig’s chain can buy on its shelves.

The three-quarter liter bottle, labeled “70% perfumed alcohol”, costs 2.35 euros and is used to “clean and degrease surfaces and household objects”. The spray bottles cost 1.80 euros (400 milliliters) and 1.20 euros (75 milliliters).

It should be noted that, in all cases, El Bosque Verde’s disinfection product is not suitable for skin use. In other words, it is not suitable as a hydroalcoholic hand gel, because it can cause “irritation”. In any case, what is clear is that Mercadona has also, from its position, joined in the development of products to deal with the virus.Follow the topics that interest you