Radio nacional no es un dia cualquiera pepa fernandez

Radio nacional no es un dia cualquiera pepa fernandez

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Since 1999 he has directed and presented the program No es un día cualquiera on RNE, a weekend magazine that in 2003 was distinguished with the Ondas Award for best national radio program, among many other awards.

His work has been recognized with numerous awards, including an Ondas Award for Professional Career (2008) «for making an open, plural, non-exclusive, entertaining, cultured radio program in which the traditional and the new are embraced with surprising coherence».

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«It is very complicated, not to say impossible, for Pepa Fernández to attract new listeners, except for those she manages to transfer from the weekends, the faithful, the militants, from «No es un día cualquiera».»

A turn had to be made. Pepa had to be taken out of there, to find a dignified, relevant place for her, because her work at the front of the weekend has been impeccable, brilliant, and continuous. Nobody denies it. Her listeners defend her to the hilt, no wonder, and don’t let them touch Pepa!

José Antonio García -‘Ciudadano García’- leaves the afternoons. He has done, with the means he had, more than what could be expected of him. But in the end, formulas get worn out and dangerously fall into routine and predictability.

Menéndez will have to temper his spirited morning tone and recharge his batteries with the complicity that only nighttime radio brings, let alone late-night radio. But it should, strategically, walk its contents, in its podcast version, in the time of the awake, to let itself be heard, and listen to its contents.

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Among all the contents, the interview conducted by the journalist Pepa Fernández, director of the program, with the president of the Utiel-Requena Regulatory Council, José Miguel Medina, stood out. He spoke about the wine region, and especially about Bobal, its native grape, stating that «it is a demanding grape that has had to be pampered and educated to be able to put it in the bottle».

In this sense, José Miguel Medina highlighted the good work of all the agents involved in the winemaking process, such as winemakers, winegrowers and winemakers, to produce high quality wines, and stressed the potential of the Bobal grape as «one of the varieties that contains the most resveratrol. A component that apart from cardiovascular, is anticarcinogenic, so we should take the recommended dose, those two glasses of red wine a day, and if it is from Bobal, even better».

It is worth mentioning that the illustrious journalist from Utiel, Máxim Huerta, was also interviewed during the program about his new novel «No me dejes», as well as Mario Sánchez, Mayor of Requena, and Fernando Benlliure, Mayor of Utiel.

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Pepa Fernández (from 10:00 to 13:00 hours) has recognized with humor that the change of schedule and days is going to cost her, but she has said that she likes the new slogan very much since it is necessary to «try to delocalize the radio».

He remembered his weekend followers, commenting that he has united them «something spiritual, in the way of seeing life» as if it were «a sect», and he is confident that they will now follow him during the week.

Alfredo Menéndez at night, in «Gente despierta», from 11:30 pm, for a program that seeks to keep the eyes open to an audience that bets on the radio, with the distance imposed by the night and with a content other than sports.

The weekend will bring other changes: José Antonio García, the citizen García, will look at the rural world; and the spaces «Sapiens», with Paula Aller (philosophy and thought program), «Dos trillones de átomos», with David Sierra (science) and «Sin atajos», with Marcelino Blanes (territories and landscapes) will be launched.