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There are several theories on how DEET works to repel mosquitoes and science continues to advance regarding the specific mode of action. When applied correctly, DEET forms a vapor barrier on the surface of the skin that deters mosquitoes from landing on the skin.

DEET was first registered several decades ago, in 1957, after being developed by the U.S. Army in 1946 for use by military personnel in insect-infested areas.

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The repellent spray, the roll-on ‘sting relief’, the citronella sticker and the citronella bracelet, all of them Mercadona products, are the solution to the itching and pain caused by mosquitoes during summer stalking, waiting or harvesting.

Mercadona’s Alivio Picaduras roll-on, manufactured by SPB in Cheste (Valencia) and available throughout the chain, is used to relieve the skin after being bitten by insects -such as mosquitoes-, jellyfish and stinging plants. This product is characterized for containing menthol, which provides a cooling sensation, and because its components generate a protective film on the irritated skin, leaving a soft sensation on it.

There are a large number of products and traps on the market to try to get rid of these annoying insects, although sometimes they are not very effective. It is also possible to repel mosquitoes with natural products.    This is the case of the following video. If you follow its steps you can learn how to make a mosquito trap with materials and substances that you may have at home. These are the steps.